One Room at a Time

Usually  by the time someone calls us for help with a design project they are ready to pull their hair out.  Believe me, I understand the overwhelm they are feeling.  I feel the same way when I shop for clothes.  I can shop for hours and come back with nothing.  It seems my clients make the same kind of progress shopping for their homes. So how do we tackle this sense of being totally overwhelmed?  The first thing we do is work on decorating rooms one at a time.  I actually will not take on clients who will not agree to work on one room at a time.  Why you ask?  Well, when you handle things piecemeal it is harder to see progress.  A new sofa here, a new pillow there, but all the while all five rooms you are redoing at once are still mostly not done.  Then there is the confusion problem....does this pillow go with the living room or Sue's room?  Was I looking for curtains for my room or the dining room?  It is too much to keep track of.  One room at a time keeps you focused with your eye on one ball.  Everyone knows what is going on and what the goal is.  Progress happens faster and the end result is lots of renewed motivation and excitement.  Then the one rooms is done and we move on to the next.  It keeps it fun and fresh.