Staging as Leverage

In the past week we saw one of our clients use staging to their advantage in a way we have never seen done before. It was really very exciting. Our clients own a gorgeous condo with a lot of special features. Unfortunately, it also had some disadvantages like a dated kitchen and wallpaper. Our client's home just wasn't generating the kind of response they had hoped for. Well, with one exception. They had one buyer who swore she loved the house but wanted to make an offer with all sorts of crazy contingencies. This seller was having none of that. So the Realtor brought us in. We gave the homeowners some simple advice like moving the sofa forward six inches, swapping out the bedding in the two bedrooms, and some other small tweaks. We also mentioned taking down the wallpaper and painting.

So here is where it gets interesting.......the buyer came back again with her usual games only this time the sellers said "hey look, we are serious about selling. We hired a home stager, we are implementing her advice, taking new photos, and getting serious about selling our condo." That is all it took, the buyer knew that with the changes being made the condo would be a lot more appealing and she might miss out. She made a serious offer and the home went under agreement - less than 24 hours after I met with them.

What a smart strategy these clients had. They implemented the easy items on the to-do list which were enough to take new photos for MLS but never had to get to the tough stuff like removing the wallpaper because they used our appointment to their advantage.

I love it!!!