Does Ray Allen Need to Stage His Home?

Former Celtics star Ray Allen is in a far worse place - well worse as far as teams go but perhaps better climate-wise. We can debate that later. He has, however, left his Wellesley mansion, where he has lived since joining the team in 2007, all 11,093 square feet of it: nine bedrooms, nine and a half bathrooms, four stories on 1.44 acres, a wood-paneled library, a media room that seats 12 comfortably, a six-car garage, parking for as many as 10 vehicles, and a grand foyer. Get out your checkbook kids, this place is all yours for $5.2 million. So, does having an amazing house and celebrity status mean you can opt out of staging? We say no.....and here is why.

We have toured several homes of this size and overwhelming is the word that comes to mind. The echos caused bare hardwood and empty rooms do not help make a house like this feel cozy. Many buyers struggle to think how they would decorate a seemingly unending number of very large rooms. How do you make a house this size feel like home? Sure it is fun at first but then it just becomes a challenge. We have had clients with homes of this size that lived with empty rooms because they simply could not figure out how to make them work.....and that is how staging sells a property - we show you how this could be your home.

Here are some photos and thoughts of his incredible property.....

This exterior is impressive. So no pressure to make the interior equally as impressive - right?

This is a lovely room, very large. We are assuming it is a bedroom. How would you decorate a room of this size?

This room is nothing short of spectacular. We love the paneling and the bookshelves. Everyone loves the idea of a library - but how do you make it work for you?

We agree, this room sells itself!!!