Buyers Can See Beyond My Stuff.....

I think this might be one of my favorite objections from home sellers. Unfortunately, it is simply not true. I see people put more effort into listing a pair of shoes on ebay than some home owners do listing their home. The truth is only 10% of buyers can see "beyond your stuff". But just for argument's sake... let's play a little game. I am going to post a few pictures below of homes with "stuff" and you tell me if you think you can see the diamond in the ruff. Just for the record, these are REAL listing photos. This is a lovely bedroom, right? Spacious? Well-maintained? Nice carpet?

Okay, then surely this bathroom is acceptable... You can see that surely you could fit a lot of your stuff in there, right?

Here is a home with owners who clearly have their own sense of style. And why not? Everyone should be able to express themselves at home. You can see what a fantastic space this could be, right?

Since buyers can see beyond "stuff" this photo below should not be any more appealing than the ones above, right?

Even if buyers can see beyond your "stuff", the truth is you are moving. At some point during the selling process you will have to start packing your things. Why not start before you list and have a huge head start and the added bonus of a house that looks great?