It's not about what you want to hear.....

Often times when we meet with sellers they have ideas of what will make their home sell faster. Unfortunately, a lot of times these ideas are wrong. Just like with any kind of marketing, there is some real strategy behind our advice. We recently lost the opportunity to work with a seller because we refused to put a bed in the second bedroom of his condo. Why you ask? Because we subscribe to the theory that you are either helping yourself, or hurting yourself, when marketing your home. There is no grey area.

So why not a bed? Well this room was small and had a tricky layout. Sure a twin bed would have fit in there fine, but who wants a twin in their guest room at any price point? A twin really made the point that a larger bed would absolutely not fit. A larger bed would have prohibited the use of a nightstand and would have made it so the closet door would not open. This, my friends, does not sell homes. Buyers want rooms....options. Showing them how they cannot decorate rooms does not help sell a home.

What we wanted to do was stage the room as an office. An office provides for a lot of open floor space and enough furniture to make the room feel full and thoughtfully designed. An office with a pull-out couch is a great option that provides for a ton of flexibility.

We know it is really hard to go outside your comfort zone and implement ideas that you think sound crazy or don't seem to look right to you. But I find that it is when I step outside my comfort zone that the real magic happens.

So what do you think of the bed in the too small room?