Why Stage Your Home?

  1. Faster Sale - Staged homes typically sell 85% faster

  2. Higher Selling Price - Sell for 6-17% more!

  3. Less Stress While Moving - You started packing, organizing, and purging earlier than most sellers

  4. Competitive Edge - Your home will stand out above the competing properties

  5. More Showings - Staged homes look better in their listings and therefore get more showings

  6. Wider Appeal - Property will appeal to a majority of potential buyers

  7. Reduce Negotiation - Reduce the issues that buyers use for price negotiation.

  8. Save Money - Avoid making costly upgrades that don’t get real results

Fees and Services

HOME EVALUATION: $190. During this meeting, in your home, we evaluate your home inside and out for opportunities to make your house more appealing to buyers. Typical recommendations include de-cluttering, furniture placement, color consultations, and any necessary repairs. We also educate homeowners on the differences between staging and decorating, show you how to make your rooms look their best in listing photos, and provide resources for researching your competition. Following our meeting we provide an extensive report of recommendations and provide complimentary assistance during the implementation process. If additional staging is required we provide a quote at this time as well.

HANDS ON STAGING: Our team of Professional Stagers restyle rooms around architectural focal points, hang artwork, and create lifestyle vignettes. Our staging goals include making your home appear as large and light as possible, correcting any perceived design flaws, drawing attention to the positive aspects of the property, downplaying the negative aspects of the property, insuring rooms are styled to be most appealing in photographs, and creating emotional attachments for prospective buyers. We have an expansive inventory of on-trend staging props including artwork, lighting, bedding, pillows, dishes, and decorative accessories. The hourly staging rate also includes staging props (as much as needed) that will be hand-picked to best compliment and enhance your specific space at no extra cost for the first month.

Our goal is to help you prepare your home for sale, getting maximum results with a minimum investment. We know you would rather not be spending your money on a home you are no longer going to be living in.

Not sure where to start? Contact us for a complimentary consultation.