Did you know that Staged Homes sell, on average 79% faster than unstaged homes?

Vacant homes also appear smaller than homes with furniture in them. We know this is counter-intuitive but it is true. Staging also reduces echoing and give homes a warmer feel which helps buyers better identify with the home.

Staging vacant properties is a large part of what we do. Staging allowing buyers to better visualize themselves living in the space. Buyers can’t accurately estimate room dimensions without a point of reference – furniture. You want buyers connecting and identifying with a space, not wondering if their furniture will fit. Vacant houses also do not photograph well – leaving buyers struggling to identify the rooms in the listing photos.

Vacant home staging solutions can be as short as one month and as long as several years (think model homes). We work with you to decide what best suits your situation.

We can also move quickly – often times we can have the furniture in your home in as little as a few days.


Our Step-by-Step Approach….

  1. Our team first evaluates the home to determine which rooms will most benefit from staging with furniture. The most common rooms include the Master Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, and/or any room that is possibly confusing to potential buyers. Along the way we ask questions like who is the likely buyer, how long do you think the home might be on the market, and what is the budget for staging? We want to get the full picture before creating a proposal.
  2. We then select the furniture and accessories that will highlight the home’s best features adding maximum visual appeal so the home photographs beautifully and creates emotional appeal for buyers.  Clients renting furniture for terms up to, and including, six months enjoy our complimentary accessory rental for their initial term.
  3. We present our ideas to you in a proposal for you to review.
  4. We then move forward with the project – scheduling delivery and placing the products on order.
  5. On the day of delivery, we meet the truck, supervise the delivery, style the space and then you are ready for market.
  6. When the home has sold, we schedule a pick up, supervise the pick up, collect our accessories and the home is ready for the closing.
Before Staging

Before Staging

After Staging

After Staging